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I just found your Home Page and it will really fill a void for a class I just started last evening dealing with an intro to Solar-Terrestrial relations -- I am already using some of the sites on your reference that I found over the summer - now I can really point my students to a wealth of resources and tutorials - all from a class-related home page of my own. Please send info on joining your group, even if I am not primarily a deep-space researcher - teaching and making my students aware that there is SO much going on above 10 km is a goal I am aiming for -- thanks.
I compliment you and everyone responsible for the ISPEC WWW page, you have done a great job.
I am inquirering if the suns poles are going to shift over the next few years I have heard this through the grapevine and was wondering if you may be able to v erify it.

-Tim Schwentor

The atmosphere on Venus is 92 time greater than the Earth's atmosphere. I am trying to find out why the great difference even though the gravitational pull of the Earth is greater than that of Venus.

- [email protected]

I am an educator who loves to use the internet as a tool in the classroom. But there is a need for structure and content on the web and you seem to be moving in that direction.

-Enrico Uva

It's a nice homepage...keep up the good work!!

- Firzany Mokti

I wonder if you have someones who are the members of ISPEC from Russia ? As here we have a lot of space physics scientist who also are the parents and have accsess to WWW sites may be it is good idea to have the same materials in Russian ?

all the best, Alexander Zaitzev, rw3dz

if the moon has no magnetic field, how were it's north and south poles determined?

-Gary A. Doss

great page keep up the good work!!

-Bob Aymont

I think this is a great informative site! I really enjoyed taking the test your knowledge quizzes. Keep up the good work!

-Leigh Anderson

Subject: Possible Clue to Life on Mars

As an engineer, it is the rock formation you can see at the address:

when you center the picture horizontally, that is interesting for me, since it has certain features that do not appear natural. There are three steps leading up, then the rock called "flattop", then a right turn with a trough in front of a rather circular looking rock, followed by another flat rock. On earth, this would indicate a stairway with some walkway at the top. Consider especially the parallel edges of the two rocks at the top (the flat ones) indicating that there was possibly another rock of some sort in between previously.

Of course, I have no access to better pictures, so I could be totally mistaken. I do look forward to any comments you may have.

Best regards,

Erdal Atrek, Ph.D.

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