Thirty-three college students from around the country are at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, gaining firsthand knowledge about the U.S. space program -- and conducting real-life space research in the process. The Summer Scholars Internship Program, which began May 26 and concludes July 31, is giving students the experience of working at NASA.

"It's a 10-week program, pairing students with NASA researchers to conduct studies in various areas of engineering and space science," said Marshall's Willie Love. "This program creates a 'win-win-win' environment. The students win, NASA wins and the colleges and universities win," said Love.

In addition to conducting research, students attend discussions with government and industry representatives to gain insight into space program decision-making and project management.

"There is no greater teacher than experience," said Love. "These students will use what they've learned from this experience throughout their educational and professional careers."

The Summer Scholars Internship Program is sponsored by Marshall's Equal Opportunity Office. A list of the students' names and hometowns is available at the following website:

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