Welcome to the Internet Space Station!

These pages have been designed to help you learn more about space- everything from asteroids and black holes to the nine planets and their moons! All you have to do to begin your mission is follow a link below, or in the frame at the bottom of the page!

Mission to the Planets- Choose a planet to visit or take the shuttle tour of the Solar System starting from the sun! Learn about the location, and composition of each planet, and find out the reasons why we can only live on Earth!

All About Astronauts- Do you want to be an astronaut when you grow up? See what it takes to be sent into space- including that heavy space suit and food you have to squeeze from a tube!

Rockets, Shuttles and Satellites- What's up there and how did it get there? Learn the basics of getting in and out of orbit and see the spacecraft of present, past and future.

Star Light, Star Bright- Did you know that the way we see the stars from Earth isn't the way that stars are arranged in space? Try Star Light, Star Bright to read about some of the common constellations and myths.

Comets, Asteroids and Meteors, oh my!- Will these cosmic snowballs and rocks ever collide with the Earth? They have in the past. See evidence of meteor craters and find out when you might get to see the next comet!

Intergalactic Scavenger Hunt- Think you know everything about the planets? Play this game to see how much you know! You'll be given a list of scavenger hunt items and clues, then it's up to you to navigate from planet to planet to finish the game!

Space Trivia Challenge- Test your knowledge of the Universe with this trivia game.

Space Puzzles- A collection of some of the best space puzzles on the web: whether crossword, word-find or moveable puzzle pieces, you're sure to have fun and learn at the same time!

Space Station Search- If you're looking for a special topic, try our Space Station Search! There we list all the topics of information available at the Station, and links to other space science resources available on the web.


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