5 Questions for ECE 120 Final

1. How big is Jupiter compared to Earth?

2. What is the orbit rotation of Jupiter?

3. Who and when was Jupiter discovered?

4. Name the four Galilean moons and the describe an important characteristic of each one.

5. Describe the interior structure of Jupiter beneath the clouds.



1. Jupiter's radius is 11.2 times bigger than the Earth's and its mass is 318 greater.

2. The rotation period of Jupiter is 9.8 earth hours.

3. Jupiter was discovered by Galileo in 1610.

4. Io. Main characteristic: Active volcanoes.

Europa. Main characteristic: Cracked surface

Ganymede. Main characteristic: Largest satellite in solar system.

Callisto. Main characteristic: Severly cratered surface.

5. Beneath the clouds is a fluid hydrogen layer followed by a fluid metallic hydrogen layer and finally an iron core.

Good luck!