Recent Findings and Studies of Jupiter

There have been several missions to explore Jupiter, its moons and surrounding bodies. Among these are the following:

Pioneer II1973
Voyager I1977
Voyager II1977

The Galileo Spacecraft

Of these missions none has been more important or revealing than the Galileo mission. Galileo was sent to space in 1989 and reached Jupiter in December of 1995. Since then, Galileo has been sending back crucial information and images of Jupiter. Galileo has studied Jupiter's atmosphere as well as its satellites.

After reaching Jupiter, Galileo deployed a small probe into Jupiter's atmosphere. The deployment was successful in that lots of new information about Jupiter's atmosphere was discovered.

Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter

In July of 1994, a fragmented comet, named Shoemaker-Levy, collided with Jupiter on its night side. This collision was the largest ever witnessed in the solar system. Galileo was the only craft in position to take pictures of this momentous event. The following is a series of pictures (over a 7 second span) taken by Galileo of the collision. In the picture a small spot can be seen brightening and then fading as it approaches Jupiter. That spot is the Shoemaker-Levy comet.

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