The magnetic field of Anubis is formed mostly by the charged liquid metallic hydrogen in the planet. It is much stronger than Jupiter's because it has many times more volume of moving charged liquid than Jupiter. The larger volume of charged liquid causes a greater chance for different currents in the liquid that leads to a different number of poles being formed. The magnetic field of Anubis can most closely be represented by a quadpole magnet centered in the planet with two of the poles on the axis of rotation. The strength of the field is roughly 10 times the strength of Jupiter's magnetic field and is roughly 43 gauss-Rj3.

Since Anubis is much farther away from Etoile than Jupiter is from the sun, the pressure on the magnetic field from Etoile will be less and thus the magnetosphere of Anubis is less bullet or comet shaped. The day side radius of the magnetopause is 30 RE, while the magnetotail is around 60 RE.

If only planet Vega could support life and you could stand under the night sky and see Anubis' magnetosphere, it would appear larger than earth's moon. Also, since Anubis is rotating much faster than Vega and has a much stronger magnetic field, so that the corotational electric field is stronger. Therefore the rotational forces are much more important than at Vega, and the magnetospheric plasma rotates with the planet over most of the magnetosphere. The large size of Anubis' magnetosphere allows energetic particles to be accelerated to extremely high energies and can store large fluxes of these particles.

To calculate the strength of Anubis' magnetic field we used the formula B = u/r3(1+3cos2@)1/2 where u~21.18 Gauss Re3 so at r= 1 B(@=0) = (21.18/1)2 = 42.36 Gauss @ pole.