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Discrete Event Simulations 

Discrete Event Simulations
The traditional technique to simulate physical systems modeled by partial differential equations is by means of a time-stepped methodology where the state of the system is updated at regular discrete time intervals. This method has inherent inefficiencies. In contrast, we are developing a new asynchronous type of simulation based on a discrete event-driven (as opposed to time-driven) approach, where state of the simulation is updated on a "need-to-be-done-only" basis. This project was initially funded by NASA SBIR Phase II. The further development of this technology and its application to magnetosphere physics is being funded as a collaborative research project between SciberNet, Inc. and Georgia Tech through a grant from the National Science Foundation. There are two closely interrelated R&D; issues: Modeling components and parallel simulation components. See our Discrete Event Simulations and for more detail.