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Administration Canaan Studios prides itself in providing you with the best solution to fit your needs. While other companies are concerned with building sites that they must maintain for you, to ensure recurring revenues, Canaan Studios empowers the customer to control content changes through easy-to-use interfaces.

For many companies, there is a need to change content on a weekly, daily, hourly or real-time basis. Without a web developer on staff, these companies have settled for less frequent updates, while spending large sums on maintenance fees for an outside developer to do the work. Hiring an internal web developer was an option, but with the shortage of web developers and the resulting salary requirements, this just wasn't possible for many.

Because smaller companies were not as likely to be able to afford the salary of an internal developer, they were forced to rely on an outside developer to make changes and updates to their sites. This often limited them to making changes only when absolutely necessary, in order to avoid the extra expense.

Whether large or small, a problem common in both of the above scenarios is that these companies had to wait for the developer to have the time to make the change, and depending on the developer's workload, that could take a number of days.

Through our administration interfaces, anyone can update content, instantly. All that is needed is the username and password. No waiting, no maintenance fees. Finally, you are in control of your website!

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- Seneca
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