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SciberNet is your complete online communication source, offering all the services you need to help you create a company Intranet. In addition, we offer a complimentary initial consultation so that we can evaluate your current operating system, assess your Intranet needs and budget, and provide you with a detailed proposal and estimate of costs.

Intranet Defined: Just as Internet (TCP/IP) technology allows users from different platforms to access information around the globe, so can it be used to streamline your organization's internal communications. Imagine your employees exchanging data and information amongst themselves regardless of whether they use PCs, Macs, or workstations. By implementing Intranet (also referred to as Internal Web) in your enterprise, documents containing text, tables, figures & charts and much more can be made readily available to those who need it without the costs and inconveniences of reproduction and distribution. But that's not all; the same document can be updated as often as need be with little effort and no waste of your resources. Simply put, Intranets can make the flow of information in your organization as efficient and effortless as possible with today's technology.

Intranet Benefits: Intranet brings distinct advantages to your company's information access. For example, they provide a common platform for finding, retrieving, viewing, and updating your information assets such as numeric data in relational databases and documents made up of text, images and multimedia. Internal Webs also organize information by presenting diverse data types in a standard manner such that reports, articles, memoranda, tables, etc. take on a common look and feel. Finally, since TCP/IP technology is based on flexible and universally accepted standards Intranets can access information residing in existing systems without high-cost programming.

Intranet Applications: Applications of Intranet are virtually limitless. The following are a few examples: Human Resource Postings, Sales and Marketing Reports, Employee Communications, Direct Customer Communications, Access to Unlimited Reference Materials, On-Line Statistics Tracking, On-Line Finance and Banking.

Internal Web Page Development: SciberNet brings together a team of highly skilled programmers, and innovative graphic designers that create compelling, intelligent and effective presentations. We will customize a solution for your company using the most up-to-date programming methods, such as Java, Java Script, cgi-scripting, interactive and faxable forms, audio and video.. 

Education and Training: The explosive growth in the use of Internet is in part due to the relative ease of exploring the net through user friendly graphical interfaces. Since Intranets are based on the same technology, your employees will be able to utilize the Intranet with minimal amount of training. Our staff has over a decade of experience in education and can design and implement customized training sessions that best fits your companies specific needs.

Software Development: In addition to design and maintenance of your Intranet, SciberNet can write customized software that meets the specific needs of your company. Examples include database collection, billing programs, and demographics research. These software can work jointly with your web presentation to increase productivity and save you time and money.

By using one company for all of your Internet and Intranet needs you will save time and money. SciberNet's wide range of services and commitment to quality add up to unprecedented benefits and value for your company. And we guarantee your satisfaction!

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