SciberNet is your complete online communication source, we offer the following services to help you create an online presence:

Web Page Analysis: The first step in developing a successful online presence is to evaluate how your company or institution will benefit from exposure on the web and who your target audience is. Our marketing specialist will meet with you to assess your needs and to recommend the right web solution based on your budget and marketing objectives. Your first initial consultation is complimentary.
Web Design and Development: SciberNet brings together a team of highly skilled programmers, and innovative graphic designers that create compelling, intelligent and effective presentations. From information sites to storefronts, to electronic commerce and promotion sites we will customize a solution using the most up-to-date programming methods, such as Java, Java Script, cgi-scripting, interactive and faxable forms, audio and video. In addition SciberNet offers complete commerce solutions where customers can securely pay for your products online. To view works created by SciberNet, please visit our portfolio.
Web Page Hosting: SciberNet can provide your business or organization with web site hosting capabilities, e-mail addresses and internet access. Unlike dedicated Internet Service Providers we do not offer this service to the masses. We provide this capability only to those whose web sites we design and maintain. Which means your connections are fast and reliable. We offer Internet connection using T1 lines. This is all the speed your business needs to establish a professional identity on the World Wide Web.
Web Site Marketing and Management: After design the next step to developing a successful presentation is marketing your site. Marketing on the Internet is an on-going campaign that takes time, expertise and focus. We have studied the Internet and have implemented strategies to quickly and effectively market your site in a number of ways. Our marketing staff will work with you to evaluate your marketing budget and then recommend and implement the strategies that will bring you web success.
Education and Training: The Internet can be a confusing medium for many to grasp because new advances are being introduced daily. But understanding the World Wide Web and how to use it to communicate more effectively is essential in order to stay competitive in this time. Our staff has over a decade of experience with student education and training at UCSD, and is well versed in designing and implementing customized training and education curriculum that best fits your companies specific needs.
Software Development: In addition to design and maintenance, SciberNet can customize software that meets specific needs of your company. For example, database collection, billing programs, and demographics research. This software can work jointly with your web presentation to increase productivity and save you time and money.

By using one company for all of your Internet and Intranet needs you will save time and money. SciberNet's wide range of services and commitment to quality add up to unprecedented benefits and value for your company. And we guarantee your satisfaction!

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