X-Files Hunk Can't Stay Faithful-
"I miss my Aussie Love Letters..."

From the Australian Woman's Day, week beginning 9 October 1995

The sexy star is pining for his two wild girls from Down Under

Dashing X-Files star David Duchovny confesses he gets really turned on by steamy letters from his devoted female fans.

And he says two girls from Down Under are the tops when it comes to making him think about cheating on his stunning girlfriend, Perry Reeves.

But the erotic letters from his love slaves have suddenly ended and now he's begging them, through Woman's Day, to start writing again.

"I was getting a lot of great letters from two Australian women who were writing together," he reveals.

"They sent me puzzle letters. Each one was a jigsaw piece that didn't make sense by itself, but when pieced together it became clear and quite explicit. But then the letters stopped. If you're reading this in Australia, I would really like you to finish the letters."

He admits that it's this type of fan mail, and his roving eye, that makes it difficult for him to stay faithful to gorgeous brunette actress Perry.

"I do believe in monogamy," he says. "Some people have it in their bones - it's their calling. But for others, including me, staying monogamous requires constant vigilance."

David says he's especially tempted if a woman has a special scent. "I'm attracted to the primitive way a woman smells. It's the ultimate aphrodisiac; something each individual woman has that nobody else does."

The 34 year old actor has become a heart-throb for women all over the world ever since he shot to fame as FBI agent Fox Mulder.

A hunky picture of the brainy Priceton graduate wearing a Speedo swimsuit was downloaded from the Internet recently by thousands of fans. And tapes of two of his films, The Rapture and New Year's Day, are a hot rental and video stores.

But David reveals that during his teenage years he was a wallflower who was lucky to overcome his adolescent awkwardness long enough to lose his virginity at the tender age of 14.

"My buddy was 12 when he lost his virginity - which I'm not condoning. For two long years he taunted me, so I felt like the oldest virgin on the planet. I was anxious to get it over with. My virginity was a burden," David says.

A skinny kid, David now works out regularly to keep in shape, and he readily admits he has no trouble flaunting his fabulous physique on camera. But he draw the line at appearing completely nude.

"I'm lucky enough to have an athletic body and I work out, so being naked is fine. Sex scenes don't embarrass me. But I don't feel the need to show my private parts."

Although David has been dating Perry for nearly three years, he says marriage is unlikely because he's scared of reliving the pain he suffered when his parents split up.

"The divorce was probably the most important emotional moment of my life," he reveals. "I don't think you ever recover from somthing like that. You are forced into an adult world of emotions that you aren't prepared to deal with."

David met Perry when he went to a clothing boutique to buy a new suit. He was trying to decide between blue and grey when he caught sight of Perry, and was instantly smitten.

As an opening line he asked her to choose which suit she liked best, and she told him to take both. The couple have been an item ever since, even though they don't get to see each other too often.

He spends 10 months a year shuttling back and forth to Vancouver, where the X-Files is filmed, and Los Angeles, where Perry lives and works.

"Perry is quiet and private. Privacy is something I have come to respect," says David. "When I was younger I wanted to tell everyone everything because I thought I was so interesting. Then I heard snoring."

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