Sue's Candid Movie Reviews

Please note that this infomation is mine exclusively- sent to me from Sue Teagarden via private e-mail in 1995. It was printed without my permission in the unoffical biography "The Duchovny Files" released in 1997. Although I collaborated with the writers in this book, they do not credit my site as the source of "Sue's Candid Movie Reviews," so, I'm telling y'all, THIS is where it came from!

I'm a vidiot I will not rest until I have everything on my own tapes, collecting our heros past lives on video is a passion. So for you, the curious :

SUE'S MOVIE REVIEWS with a special "jenifer kink-O-meter"
New Years Day: one of those NewYork school yack fest movies. DD plays the pathetic boyfriend who hits on 3 of her guests then sleeps with her roommate. Total nude scene as she throws him out of the apt. without his clothes on. Side view from the knees up...

Julia Has Two Lovers: a very sweet romantic love story. DD plays a guy who calls women on the phone and seduces them. He and she actually fall for each other. DD is very young, cute and TAN. If you like goofy romance it's a must see.

The Rapture: VERY kinky DD is very hunky with long hair and super buff. Do you want to see him doing two women at once? Do you want to watch him give a hand job to Mimi Rogers(under the covers)? Are you interested in serious religeous topics? Do you want to see DD get shot in the chest? Then this movie is for you. (I taped only the parts with him in it and avoided the rest)

Red Shoe Diaries : the story of an impecably dressed rich man(DD) and his phychotic child fiancee. This movie was,umm, Fluffy BUT it has a definitely sexy (somewhat homoerotic) basketball scene that is beautifully photographed. I've never seen DD look so good!

Red Shoe Diaries 4-"Auto Erotica": sexy softcore DD proves once again that he is a great on screen kisser. I guess it's kinda kinky, I don't recommend watching it with Mom and Dad. It's a hole-up-in-your-room for the evening kinda movie.

Kalifonia: DD visits old murder scenes while travelling cross country with serial killer Brad Pitt. NICE voice-overs by DD. Funky sideburns, but cute as usual. Not too kinky, but a bit violent. DD looks great in black silk boxers!

..and for the obsessed, Beethoven,Chaplin: bit parts, a priggish snob in the first, and the camera man in the second.(although he's awfully cute in a hat and knickers)

Don't bother with Working Girl, he's almost non existant and he's in Don't Tell Mom The Baby Sitter Is Dead, but I can't stomach that.

So there you have it. If you're just as enthusiastic about GA then may I suggest the books on tape of her reading Anne Rice's Exit to Eden. A dopey story but GA's

Well, there you have it!

-Sue Teagarden

*NOTE: I am not planning to update this original review, but the movie Playing God (released in 1997) should also be added to David's filmography and is readily available in video stores

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