There are so many people that deserve recognition in my life... here are just a few to get started:

Doug Shea- without Doug, these pages would not even be in existence. Not only is he my system operator, mentor and computer consultant, but he's also a great and supportive friend.

Brian Farwell- my "Eternal Flame" and significant other- you put up with so much crap (heck, you put up with me, both on the job and off..!!), I just don't know how to thank you enough. It's been an interesting time, and you've helped me through some tough times. I love you.

Ryan Linville- my younger brother and hacker extraordinaire! Thank you for the genuine interest in my life on the 'net and having the guts to try imagemapping. You're my hero, little bro'!

Mom and Dad- What can I say, except thanks for not committing me to an insane asylum when I'd come home rambling about ascii, irc and html... NOW it makes more sense, doesn't it??

Nikki Rummer- for without whom there would be no SYX. Nikki, thank you for all of your kind words and enthusiasm! I'm so glad to know that I can feel comfortable discussing ANYTHING with you.

Pam Smith- Keeper of the SYX FAQ and Quote Collection! Pam! I'd like to thank you for all of your time and dedication- you are a TRUE X-Phile. Long Live Captain Video!

Thanks to all of the people that have made the effort to visit and or make links/bookmarks to my home page! Where would I be without you??

To my friendly SYX Correspondents- Josh, Christie (munchkyn, twin!), Kate, Thomas, Chloe, Bridget, James, Mel O'Reilly, Mel Boysen, Melissa Rabey, Caitlin, Nik (again!), Forrest, Elin, Hakan, Janne, Jess, Dave, Lesley, JaShong, Matt, Justin, Allyson, Dalié, and everyone else that I have unwittingly forgotten...

Page Specifications

These pages were created using a UNIX system "vi" editor. graphics, including backgrounds, were created and customized using both the cheap paintbrush program that came with my 486 and Adobe Photoshop 4.0, which I have installed on my new Performa 6400/180 Power PC. Information contained herein was surveillance from my several "Deep Throat" sources, including Steven William's publicist- Rita Runyon. Image map attributes coordinated by my younger brother Ryan, who is the keeper of the Simpson's Audio Page

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