A few links to occupy your time...

Okay all you crazy internauts... this is my page of cool links on the web!

For my brother Ryan, there's the Star Trek page, and the ST Voyager page... not to mention The SIMPSONS! One of my favorite TV shows is FRIENDS, but of course, you know I love the The X-Files!

I live in San Diego.. here are a few reasons that I love it here!

Talk Soup doesn't have a home page, but I like the little icon, so I created my own little page of local gossip.

Broadway is always cool.. and look! It's on the web too!

You can even check out Tickemaster On-Line for scheduled tours and concerts!

As far as music goes, I'm a big fan of Sarah McLachlan, and ENIGMA. I know Heidi sways to the music of Tori Amos, and my mom is a long time fan of The Beatles! If these are not your favorites, dig through the Internet Underground Music Archive!

One may derive a lifetime of pleasure from these cool sites:

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