This is the source for On-Line Chats with David Duchovny, Chris Carter, Paul Rabwin, Glen Morgan, and more! The On-line X-Files craze was featured on c|net this August, which featured an interview with Chris Carter. Just in case you happened to miss the Sci-Fi Buzz interview on the Sci-Fi Channel, it's here too! Or, perhaps you'd like to read about The X-Files' move to Sunday nights, or The X-Files Exposed.

X Marks The File is a catchy title for this excerpt from an Australian TV magazine. This article "Creepshow" from the February issue of DETAILS is definitely insightful! Nothing beats this brilliant article from PEOPLE Magazine. Have you tried to wade your way through the newsgroups?

Prime Time from the Daily Express, Jan. 5, 1996.

The new unofficial David Duchovny Biography is in stores now!! Check out Paul Mitchell's "The Duchovny Files: The Truth is in Here" published by ECW Press. I helped collaborate with the author on this one, so it's a must see! (ECW Press, 1996, retail $16.95)

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