The Smart Young X-Philes FAQ

The Official SYX FAQ!
Version 3.1
Posted Irregularly (i.e. whenever I want)

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Q) What is SYX?
A) SYX is a club for the younger lovers of the show The X-Files.

Q) I just got on was away for "x" amount of time. When did this group form?
A) Over Christmas Break, 1994, around December 22nd or so.

Q) What does SYX stand for?
A) Smart Young X-philes.

Q) What is SYX's full name?
A) >deep breath<...Young X-philes Who Are Mature And Smart Enough To Understand A Great Show When They See One, or YXWAMASETUAGSWTSO! Now you can see why we have a nickname!

Q) How do you pronounce YXWAMASETUAGSWTSO?
A) OK, I'll attempt this. "YIX-wahm-ahs-EHT-oo-AUGHS-wit-SOE" Keep in mind, though, that this is only a rough guesstimate (a cross between a guess and an estimate).

Q) How do you pronounce SYX?
A) There are two ways: (1) "six" [Like the number 6] (2) "ess-why-ex".

Q) How can I join SYX?
A) Send your full name, e-mail address, age, birthday, home town, and "Official" position to Nikki Rummer, our President, at ([email protected]), or to me, Pam Smith, at ([email protected]).

Q) Are there any special requirements?
A) Only that you are under 21.

Q) What happens when you reach 21, if you joined when you were younger?
A) You become an Honorary SOX (Smart *Old* X-Phile). But you have to have joined before your 21st birthday to become an Honorary SOX. Otherwise, you will be assumed to be a spy from the government and assassinated immediately with "terminal intensity." *:-O

Q) OK, then, what happens when you do become a SOXer?
A) SOXer's continue to recieve the Newsletter, and can still send out their comments to everyone, but their comments will not be included in the Newsletter. Also, their names are removed from the SYX membership list, and moved to the SOX membership list.

Q) I've seen people's .sigs that have "Official xxxxxx of SYX." How can I become the Official xxxxxxxxxx?
A) Just make one up. Make sure that the one you pick isn't already taken. Send it to Nikki and she will add it to your name on our roster.

Q) Is there an SYX newsletter?
A) Yes. It is send weekly through e-mail by Prez Nikki, usually on Saturdays or Sundays.

Q) What is in those newsletters, anyway?
A) Usually, they contain the Club Roster, Quote of the Episode (provided by Yours Truly), opinions on the latest episode, and whatever pops into our collective heads. :)

Q) I didn't get the newsletter, even though I sent in that I wanted to join. What's the deal here?
A) There are two possibilities: A) There was a problem with your email address, and it didn't reach you. You should email Nikki and tell her you didn't get it. B) Nikki was either sick or away. There will be *no* newsletter for that week if this happens, unless someone else makes one. Nikki will usually email everyone in this case.

Q) What is the official Smiley of SYX?
A) =:-0 [by Alex Holbrook]

Q) What is the Official SYX Greeting?
A) Hellow!

Q) What is the Official SYX Farewell?
A) Later, dude!

Q) What is the Official YAXA?
A) JOOC (Just Out Of Curiousity) [by Prez Nikki].

Q) What is the Official Theme of SYX?
A) The Youth Is Out There!

Q) What is the Official Quote of SYX?
A) We don't have one yet. There is, at present, a poll being conducted to find one. (This darned poll made me give up my Official Pollster position! Respond, people, respond!)

Q) How many members are there?
A) More than 200!

Q) Will there be any membership limitations, like the DDEB and DDEB2 have?
A) Membership is now closed, so we currently have a waiting list.. Q) What is the average age of an SYX member?
A) 16 years old. Ages range from 6 to 20.

Q) Who are the SOX members?
A) Only one so far (but there'll be more soon!): Melinda Knowlton

Q) Do you guys have a server?
A) YES! We just got one. Unfortunately, I don't know any of the details, so you'll have to Email Prez Nikki at ([email protected]) for more info on this.

Q) Thank you!
A) Your Welcome!

Pam Smith ([email protected])
Official Quote Collector, Recruiter, Keeper of the SYX FAQ, 7th Member, and Captain Video of SYX! (Busy, busy, busy!)