The top ten things that you should know about SYX's Xyne The Youth is out there . . . .

10. A deadline has been set to help the slowpokes along. A late September release date has been tentatively proposed, but will more than likely be changed. Therefore a tentative deadline for submissions has been proposed for Friday September 13th, 1996 (ooooooh). This deadline includes pictures as well as text submissions. There is no deadline for subscriptions. As long as you send the money you will get a copy.

9. Paper made from criminal trees which deserved to die

8. Just a reminder that there will not be a charge for production costs. There will be, however, a charge for postage. A replica of TYIOT in terms of weight has been weighed and priced and the following prices have been determined for the cost of postage:

To anywhere in Canada - $1.55 Canadian
To anywhere in the US - $2.39 Canadian
To anywhere else - $5.41 Canadian

If you are surprised by the cost just remember that this issue will be larger in size than the last issue so the postage reflects that (and it is your own damn fault for not living in Canada).

The best way to handle the sending of money is to hop on down to your local post office and just get a Canadian money order and make it out to me (Diang-Yee Iu) for the required amount. Do not send cash. Those letters tend to get lost in the mail or they arrive pre-opened.

E-mail Diang Iu ([email protected]) for the appropriate address.

7. If you are sending your postage you might as well send your pictures too. Remember, two shots are needed. One plain shot of your face and one shot looking down on you from above. If you are sending it electronically it does not matter if it is a gif or a jpeg. Make sure your picture is sent before the tentative deadline of September 13th, 1996 or it might not get in. Start sending them whenever you like.

6. Inkblots are still offline. Sorry. They'll come soon.

5. Guess who's in the centrefold nude picture layout? There are two Rs in Forrest baby.

4. The extensive list of "Things that I want as many people to do as possible" will be coming soon. The items contained in this list will be the bulk of the Xyne so keep your pencils close by and your minds sharp.

3. We still need an American (Allyson?), a Canadian (Josh?), and possibly an Australian Correspondent (Arthur, if Kyla isn't around?) for SYX. They would be responsible . . . well here was what was asked of Melissa (the UK Correspondent)

<cutting; and pasting noises>

I was thinking of doing an X-Files/SYX International Correspondent thingie in which each one of you will do a write up on the SYX/X-Files happenings in your respective countries. Topics could include: What's going on with specific SYXers, meetings of SYXers, what SYXers in that country think of the X-Files so far, when the X-Files show in that country, where the X Files are in the schedule, SYXer profiles, advertising SYX get togethers, what the country thinks of the X-Files, or any special little anecdote that mixes the special flavour of your respective countries with anything X Files/SYX. I think I want about 400 to 600 words from each of you. You can include pictures or whatever. Think of it is an informational update of what's going on in your countries. You can make it funny, serious, whatever.

Anyone interested? Please email if you are.

2. Participation in the TYIOT SYX Personal writeups was exemplary. The participation was marred however by the skipping of many questions (or in this case answers). Here are the perpetrators who still owe answers :

Most Embarrassing Moment:
Lesley Yeo, Virginia, Amber, Nicholas, Esther, Jaime Hsiao, Dave Nattris, and Caroline Cookson

My Hero:
Virginia, Lesley Yeo, Amber, Dave Nattris, and Caroline Cookson

The moment I'm most proud of:
James, Jaime Hsiao, Dave Nattris, and Kim

The moment I'm least proud of:
Amber, James, Jaime Hsiao, and Dave Nattris, Virginia, Forrest, Kim and Lesley Yeo

I have a secret crush on . . .
Amber, Nikki, Nicholas, Esther, Dave Nattris, and Kim

If I were to be charged for a crime it would be . . .

And finally, the number one thing that you should know about SYX's Xyne The Youth is out there . . . .

1. Sure to impress the babes.