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Time-driven Simulations 

Time-driven Simulations
We are working on the development of next generation kinetic plasma codes. Central to our technology is the modularized, object-oriented API for automating the development of massively parallel kinetic plasma simulations. The key features of this technology are:
  1. A flexible and highly scalable parallel PIC framework that will enable running very large (>100 million particles, 10 million grid cells, 100 thousand time steps) hybrid and full PIC simulations on 100s of distributed memory processors.

  2. Built-in load balancing scheme that will address the most serious parallel PIC code performance problem namely, processor load-imbalance due to dynamic spatial and temporal inhomogeneities in particle algorithms combined with the need to statically balance field update.

  3. Implementation of adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) on structured grids, and efficient (Krylov, multi-grid) elliptic solvers for PIC simulations.

A schematic of our modularized PIC architecture (MPICA) is shown below:
MPICA will serve as the development infrastructure of our next generation parallel hybrid code, called "PHYSICS" (Particle HYbrid Simulation via Implicitly Coupled Scheme).