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A general technique in simulation of physical systems modeled by partial differential equations is through the use of the so-called grid-based methodology. We are developing new simulation techniques to address the emerging modeling requirements of today's world. Our technology development has already enabled new advances in propulsion, space physics among others, and can be cast into two classes: (i) time-driven simulations, and (ii) discrete-event simulations.

Founded in 1996, SciberNet is a leader in the development of state-of-the-art kinetic plasma simulations and their applications to a wide range of situations relating to space environment, spacecraft charging and propulsion systems. Our expertise in modeling and simulations, high-performance computing, as well as data analysis and mining has made us a first choice provider of simulation services and customized solutions to universities, commercial enterprises and sectors of the federal government.

  • Providing simulation services and customized solutions to all entities
  • Partner with other organizations in securing funds
  • Consulting on high performance computing and large data sets