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The three pictures above were taken with a telescopes that pick up different wavelengths of light, called ULTRAVIOLET Telescopes. Ultraviolet light, sometimes called UV-light is light that we can't see, because its wavelength is shorter than that of visible light.


This is a picture of the Sun from an X-Ray telescope. The X-ray telescope, like the UV-telescope, picks up wavelengths of light that aren't in the visible light spectrum.
To the right is a diagram of the inside of the sun. Notice the sun has three main parts. The CORE, the RADIATIVE ZONE and the CONVECTION ZONE.

During a SOLAR ECLIPSE (image on the left), the Sun's CORONA is visible! In a PARTIAL ECLIPSE (right) the moon only casts a part of its shadow, so you can see more of the sun.


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(Images are courtesy of NASA ans Yohkoh Observatory)

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