What YOU Need to do for TYIOT!

Hey Kids,

Here is the list of things that I will need everybody to do. Remember you aren't *legally* obligated to do anything on this list, but just keep in mind that this is SYX's xyne. It will not happen if I don't get anything to put in it, it is as simple as that. You can't just go on and on about wanting the xyne to come back and not doing anything proactive about it. I'm not about to write the whole thing myself. I want TYIOT to represent US not ME. The only way this is going to happen is if we all pitch in any way possible.

Have you heard the news today?
people right across the world
are pledging they will play the game
- Jamiroquai
The following list is a list of things that I would like EVERYONE to do. They are pretty simple things so you shouldn't be put out too much by doing it. Anyways, here we go . . .

Things that I need EVERYBODY to do:

1. PROFILE. I thought it would be cool to have some info about each SYXer that would never normally come out in the extensive X-Files conversations that take place on the list. You don't have to answer all the questions, but the ones that you do, answer as extensively as you can. Here is what I want to know:

Name: (duh)
Favorite Musical Artist:
Favorite Book:
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Sports that I enjoy playing:
My Hero:
What I want to do when I'm older:
The moment I'm most proud of:
The moment I'm least proud of:
If I had a million dollars . . . (I'd buy you a house)
I have a secret crush on . . .
Favorite Chocolate Bar:
If I were to be charged for a crime it would be . . .
If an orange brownie fell on my head I'd yell . . .
If I were a book I'd be a . . .
Was Christine Todd Whitman wrong to turn down Bob Dole?
Boxers or Briefs; Oprah or Uma; Batman or Spiderman; Leno or Letterman

Remember, answer the ones that you answer as extensively as possible.

2. SEND ME PICTURES. I need 2 pictures from everybody. One regular shot, preferably colour and one shot from above looking down on the SYXer staring up into the camera. I plan to try my hand at some picture hacking so this overhead shot is very important. Actually, the other picture is pretty important too. I thought it would be interesting to print this picture without a corresponding name and ask readers to try and match the profiles from above with the corresponding picture. See if we look like we type.

I couldn't imagine that the photos would be a very difficult task to accomplish. Everyone should at least know someone who owns a camera and is nearing the end of roll of film if they don't have access to their own camera. If this is very difficult problem for someone then don't sweat it out too much. I figured that now we are more a group of friends rather than a bunch of strangers, and printing our pictures wouldn't be that much of a risk, but if you do feel that it would be too much of an invasion of privacy don't sweat it too much either (now that was a monster sentence). I ain't here to make anyone uncomfortable. If you do send pictures I will return them when I send you the xyne itself. If you have access to a scanner you can send me the photos digitally. In fact this would be preferred :).

3. INKBLOTS. In a couple of days I'll be posting onto a web page a couple of inkblots. I want everybody who can to visit this page to visit it and mail me what they see in those inkblots. I'll be printing my professional psychological analysis of each description in this issue. The URL will be:


I'll tell everyone when it is up.

I guess that's it. See, it wasn't that painful at all now was it?

Send your pictures to the following address. Just keep in mind that when you are sending me the photos by snail mail, you might also want to send the self addressed envelope to me while you are at it . . . Just a thought.


Diang Iu - [email protected]
Checked whenever I am bored - [email protected]
Never checked don't send it here - [email protected]

Well I guess that's it for now. I will repost this every week so if you miss it the first time not to worry. Don't think that you can skip each weekly installment either. I might be adding to this list as time progresses, so keep your eyes peeled.