read on to see what you can do to get your copy!

And now a word from TYIOT editor, Mr. Diang Iu!

(APPLAUSE ! ! !)

Hey krazy kiddies!

Comment avez-vous?

Are you an overdue library book?
You must be 'cos you gotz FINE written all OVER you!

Did you like that?

Why not?

Well that's all I have for the second issue of SYX's Xyne "The Youth is out There." See, as much as I like writing, this is all I can really think of. Well at least that's all I have the energy to write. That's why I'm gonna need some help from you guys n' gals.


What is it, what is it, what is it? YO!
Raggamuffin Hip Hop!
- Unity 3

Well, I guess I should explain myself a little for people who ain't too sure what the 411 is. The Xyne (I still think of exema whenever I say Xyne) is SYXs 'zine! TYIOT (The Youth is Out There) is the groovy name that it was given. It was originally run by Matt Keiffer. However, after his untimely death, TYIOT was without an editor. Although, it will be very difficult to match the excellent production that Matt created I'm relishing the challenge to try. Matt released a small publication with a green cover and a couple of pages of color photos of SYXers. The first issue had fanfics, poems, a couple of articles and lots o' fun and games. I hope to maintain this tradition and maybe add to the legend that was the first issue of TYIOT.


Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends
- The Beatles

Unfortunately it does involve a little work . . . . wait Wait WAIT!!!! Come back! I like to think of it as fun work. Work that you can do in your spare time. Work that you can sit down and actually enjoy doing. Work that will stimulate your intellect as well as your pride as a full fledge span dangled SYXer.

Lies, lies, lies ye-ah
They won't forget you
Lies, lies, lies ye-ah
- The Thompson Twins

Hmmm. Well what else can I say? I think with over 100 hundred crazy mailing list SYXers who always seem to have too much time on their hands (heh heh) it would be real easy to put together a Xyne. I've split most of the ideas I have into 3 sections.


    1. Things that I need EVERYBODY to do
    2. Things that I want specific people to do
    3. Things that I want as many people as possible to do

The titles of the sections, I feel are pretty much self explanatory. Things that I need everybody to do . . . Well . . . I need everybody to do them. Things that I want specific people to do . . . well, specific people need to do them. What did I say about self explanatory?


I'm a cowboy . . . on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted . . . . waaaaaanted
- Bon Jovi

As of now here is the list of volunteers:

Nickoleta Elania Rummerbobeana Flatena III
Josh Phillips                  Julia Kripke
Mel Boysen                     Allyson Boggess
Amber Meerbot                  Forrest Eastham
Munchkyn                       Dalie Jiminez
Aviva Roller                   Kyla J. Powell
Melissa O'Reilly               Melissa Rabey
Linford                        Martha Harris
Virginia Eveland               Bridget O'Brien
Claire Southworth              Jess Meyer

A-Ha! So you thought I would forget! Nooooo. You volunteer, you're in it for LIFE. Bwaaaaahahahahahaha!


What I'm expecting from you guys is lots of participation. For the things I expect EVERYONE to do, I literally expect everyone to do . . . Even people who didn't volunteer to help. The sort of stuff in this section is pretty easy anyways. Just to answer a few questions . . . yadda yadda yadda easy as rice . . . send a few pictures . . . you know, real trivial stuff. BUT IMPORTANT.

The things that I want specific people to do will be a little more selective. I will get in touch with these people personally so if you ain't contacted you ain't on the hook. This sort of thing will include the President's Address (Nikki) yadda yadda yadda.

The final section of things that I need as many people as possible to do is pretty much for everyone to do but if you aren't interested you don't have to worry. The thing is, the Xyne will be built by YOU. So if you refrain from participating you will only make the Xyne weaker. Now you don't want that do you? In fact to make sure I get participation, anyone who volunteered to do something (from the list above) will be expected to do everything in this section. I think this is the only way to ensure a base amount of stuff for the Xyne.


But I fear that I have nothing to give
- The Dee-vine Ms M.

Don't let my suggestions hinder your own creative ideas. If you want to do something for TYIOT that isn't listed by all means go ahead. I promise to run almost anything that I get. So if you have an idea for an article, story, poem, WHATEVER. Just do it and I'll run it. Just email me with your plum idea and we will work It through together.

Oh yeah, I need people who can draw. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need people who can draw. This will be for cartoons, fanfic illustrations and miscellaneous stuff. Josh has already volunteered. Anyone else?

Oh yeah, again. As editor I do reserve the right to edit all work for spelling, style, and grammar (spelling and style more than grammar). Nothing personal. Just making sure everyone understands this.


Cash money makes the world spin
- B Real a la Cypress Hill

OK. Here is the tough part. I have been playing with the idea of trying to produce this sucker for free. Well free in terms of printing costs. I would still require that anyone who wants a copy to pay for return postage. I was thinking of doing it like this. When you all send me your pictures (see "Things that I need EVERYBODY to do" Section a little later on) you could also send me a self addressed Manilla envelope (you know . . . the ones that are 9 X 12) with the proper postage on it already (TYIOT will not be that heavy . . . I decided not to send the racoon with each issue). Obviously, people who live farther away will have to pay more, but that's your punishment for not living in Canada (as if not BEING Canadian was punishment enough). With the self addressed envelope method there will be no mistaking addresses and everything will be fine and dandy. I guess this will also serve as the subscription process, so if you want a copy you'll just have to send me your pictures (see "Things that I need EVERYBODY to do" Section a little later on for details) whether you want to or not :). I guess if sending the pictures is a MAJOR problem you could just send me the envelopes, but where is the fun in that?

The problem lies with the color. The free printing is if the Xyne will all be in B&W.; The resolution of the B&W; will be excellent however; upwards to 700 dpi (this is good). If you want color it will cost. Maybe $1 to $2 Canadian at the most. It is up to you, so discuss this among yourselves. I'm partial to just B&W; because I don't have to put up with the headache of collecting the moola, but it is your Xyne, so YOU tell ME what you want.


Forgettabout reachin' me by phone
Because I promise I'll be gone for a while
When you see me again
I hope that you have been
The kind of person you are now
- Sly and the Family Stone

I'm gonna be gone for about a week and a half near the end of July. Nothing dire. Just going to England to tour. BTW any UK SYXers interested in meeting? Anyways, this shouldn't cause any problems, just thought you should know.


Well it looks like we might've made it, yes it does
Made it to the end

- Blur

Well I think that's it. I'll be posting the list of things that I need everyone to do every week to the list just so you don't forget. I will be contacting the specific job kids a little later on in the week. And the list of things that I want as many people to do as possible will be posted every week and a half.

PARTICIPATE PEOPLE. The only way we are going to get this thing off the ground is if you participate. Don't be shy. I'm trying to write as little as possible myself so get off your damn asses.



Diang Iu - [email protected]
Checked whenever I am bored - [email protected]
Never checked don't send it here - [email protected]

So if you have any questions, or you have an idea to discuss, or you just get a sudden craving to talk to a suave chinese guy, call me, email me, write me, whatever. I'm there for YOU!

Well I guess that's it. Get crackin people.


Well I see by the clock on the wall, that it's time to bid you one
and all . . .
Be Good
Stay Well
Bye Bye
Till a prochaine, good bye till when we meet again!  -Wayne and
Schuster Canadian Funny Guys